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Why Vote for Me?

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Without a doubt the question I am asked the most is “why should I vote for you?”   I thought I’d post a few things about me that might give you a clearer picture of who I am and why I believe you should vote for me when the election is called.  At the bottom of this post you will find some links to referenced information.


It is not by accident that this is first.  I conduct myself, in work, politics and my home life in a manner that maintains a high level of integrity.  I am a husband and a father and I must always be able to look my family in the eye regardless of the decisions I have made or the actions I have taken.  It is no different in my interaction with the people I represented as a Town Councillor, nor will it be different as MLA for Lunenburg West.

As an example, while on Council I had to attend training for my “day job.”  This training would keep me away from Bridgewater for a few weeks and I didn’t feel right receiving my full Council pay when I wasn’t available to the people and so I requested that my pay be cut back to reflect the time I was away*.  I was told at the time that it wasn’t necessary because “people go away all the time,” but that simply did not sit well with me and so the finance department and I came up with a formula to reduce my pay for the time I was away.  I hope this speaks to you of my character and how important integrity, honesty and doing the right thing is to me.


Family is my rock.  There is nothing more important to me than family.  The decision to run Provincially for the PC Party of Nova Scotia was a family decision and one that took months to make.  This was something that not only my wife Trina and I discussed but all three of our children provided input for.  I have a young family and I am worried for my children’s future here in Nova Scotia.  I don’t want my children or yours to have no alternative but to look outside our Province to make a living.  I want my children to make a life for themselves here if they so choose and because of that I know that change has to happen.  Our children deserve every opportunity we can give them and I plan on doing everything in my power to make sure that becomes a reality.

A Proven Track Record:

For eight years, I served the people of Bridgewater and was their ‘go-to’ Councillor.  I voted against budgets that I believed were not in the best interest of the community while supporting those that moved us forward.  In fact, I voted against my very first budget!  As a new Councillor it would have been much easier to “go with the flow,” but easy doesn’t always equal right and, so in my first term on Council, I voted against two budgets that I felt were not right.

I brought the Famers’ Market back to Bridgewater****, was on the site selection committee for Lifestyle Centre, and brought the Red Rally (support the troops event) to Bridgewater in 2008**.  I worked to ensure an off-leash dog park was included in a new park plan, fought to lower taxes, reduce government costs and waste.

When there is something that needs to get done, I get it done.  It really is that simple.  For example, a curb across from Drumlin Hills to allow seniors access to the sidewalk without traveling down Glen Allen before crossing was something that was missing, I brought to Council and is now complete.

I am also proud to have remained on a number of committees and commissions of the Town because my work was not complete and I felt it wasn’t right to walk away until the job was done.

Over my two terms on Town Council I had countless calls from people who said they were calling me because they knew that I would work to solve their issue.  That won’t be any different as I enter the Provincial arena.  I work for the people, there is no other way to look at the job of being an MLA.

Stance on Issues:

MLA Pensions: I am the only candidate in support of pension reform when it applies to the Nova Scotia MLA pension plan.  Both the NDP and Liberals have publicly stated they don’t see that any changes are required to the plan.  The pension plan as it currently stands, has an MLA contribute $1 for every $6 that you and I put in for them.  This has to change and Jamie Baillie has made it clear he will change it to a much more reasonable $1 for $1 plan***.  I fully support that and while I may be the only candidate in this riding who does, I look forward to pension reform coming to the MLA plan very soon.

Taxes: Our high taxes are clearly a barrier to economic growth in Nova Scotia and they must be lowered.  I am committed to lowering the HST as is the PC Party.  We should be spurring on economic growth with reduced taxation instead of bailouts and handouts.  The Liberals however voted against legislation to lower the HST in 2014 as well as voting against removing the HST from home heating.  It is a proven fact that higher taxation slows economic growth.  Perhaps it is because I am the only candidate that has worked in the private sector or that I am the only candidate currently employed that I fully appreciate just how fragile the Nova Scotia economy really is.  As Investment Advisor for a Canadian Bank, it is my job to understand our economy, what is working and what’s not.

Power: The PC Party will freeze power rates and remove Nova Scotia Power’s 9% guaranteed rate of return.  We will require them to buy as much green energy as possible within the current rates.  This is part of our platform and is the only plan that will stop rates from increasing.  The NDP have put all their eggs in the Muskrat Falls basket and the Liberals, well they want a mix of deregulation (like the Ontario model that saw rates skyrocket) and Hydro Quebec power,  Like the NDP, the Liberals have no idea how much that power will cost us when it gets to our homes.  How do we know which option is best if we don’t know the end cost?  More research needs to be done and more questions need to be asked.

Talk is cheap.  People want, expect and deserve action from their elected representatives and our current MLA has been pretty much absent for the last four years.  I have a proven track record of working hard for my constituents, my community and my Province.  I am asking for your support as we prepare for an election that I believe will be called sooner rather than later because it is only together that we can truly turn Nova Scotia around.

If you have any questions or would like to help in my campaign, please let me know at or call 527-2010.

*Councillor requests pay cut- Bridgewater Bulletin

** Red Rally 2008

*** MLA Pension Plan-Chronicle Herald

**** Bridgewater Farmers’ Market– South Shore Now

Why Vote for Me? | David Mitchell

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