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Councillor takes pay cut for missing meetings

by Keith Corcoran


 COUNTY – David Mitchell felt so uneasy taking a town council stipend while away for job training that he’s taking a pay cut reflecting the time he’s missed. His January pay will be docked $300 by the town finance department, as per their suggestion rather than Councillor Mitchell’s wish to write the town a cheque.He came up with the $300 figure using a formula taking into account his councillor take-home pay and the average of nine monthly meetings (regular council and committees) he attends a month.

While in Toronto for a three-week period between October and December training for his investment adviser job with a Bridgewater bank, he missed two regular council meetings.

However, in his role on the Sustainable Bridgewater committee, he did conduct some town business while in Ontario.

He met with Toronto Mayor David Miller and scheduled the mayor’s springtime visit to Bridgewater.

Mayor Miller is in town April 4 and 5 but details of his schedule are not finalized.

The month of October was a light one for committee and council meetings due to the municipal election. Despite a softer schedule of late, Councillor Mitchell’s made up his mind.

“I’m just not comfortable being inaccessible and yet still taking a full cheque,” Councillor Mitchell told this newspaper.

Councillor Mitchell said this was a personal decision and he doesn’t expect other councillors to follow suit. He isn’t seeking town policy on missing meetings.

Councillor Mitchell was the youngest member of council when he was first elected in 2004 at age 31. He was then a stay-at-home dad.

posted on 12/09/08

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