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About David

David & Trina with Gabe (L), Caleb (top R) and Eden

David Mitchell is the devoted husband of Trina and the father of three wonderful children, Gabriel (13), Caleb (11) and Eden (7). Before moving to Bridgewater, David managed a small business, but after the birth of their first child he decided to become a stay-at-home Dad for eight years.  While at home with Gabriel, David also drove a wheelchair school bus, a job he still remembers as one of his most rewarding.

For the last seven years, David has been a Wealth Advisor at ScotiaMcLeod in Bridgewater.  He is also an active community volunteer, helping with the Inn from the Cold program, and serving as a youth group leader and Junior Church teacher, just to name a few.

David was first elected to Town Council in 2004, running as “something different” for Bridgewater. At 30 years of age, David was the youngest Councillor ever elected to Town Council at the time.  He brought a voice for young families to the table that had been missing in Bridgewater for many years.  Serving as Vice-Chair of the Public Service Commission, Chair of Parks Recreation & Culture, as well as Chair of the Bridgewater Police Board, David immersed himself in the role of Councillor and always put 100% into serving the people of the Town.

In 2008, after hearing General Rick Hillier speak at a conference in Calgary, David was inspired to host a “Red Rally” in Bridgewater.  Told by many that the Chief of Defense Staff would likely not come to such a small community, David took on the challenge of proving them wrong. Within a short period of time, David had convinced not only General Hillier to come to Bridgewater, but  Jeff Hutcheson (Canada AM) to emcee, and other dignitaries to attend. David also secured letters of support for the event from the Prime Minister, Governor General, every Canadian Premier, Wayne Gretzky and both Prince William and Harry.  The event garnered national and international attention and David receives calls to this day from other small communities around the world looking to host such an event.

The following year David was inspired again, this time to bring back the Farmers’ Market to Bridgewater.  Gathering a group of local producers together in the early spring, working together they brought the market back to King Street and it has been running ever since.

For the last eight years, David was the “go to” member on Council for people looking to get their issue solved or action taken in the community.

In May of 2012, David was officially nominated as the Progressive Conservative candidate for Lunenburg West.  While he was sad to close the Council chapter of his journey, he’s excited to serve the larger area of Lunenburg West with the same “hands-on” approach and effort. True to form, however, David remains on a number of Town committees and commissions as a volunteer because in his words, “There’s still work to be done and work for me to do.”

Take at White Point Beach Resort

Taken at White Point Beach Resort

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