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Only Progressive Conservative Party is ready to lead

Baillie: We’ll get Nova Scotia working

October 6, 2013

HALIFAX, NS – Only the Progressive Conservative Party has a plan to turn the economy around and lead Nova Scotia to a better future, says PC leader Jamie Baillie.

“The PC plan will lower taxes, freeze power rates, stop wasteful spending and get people working,” Baillie said. “Mr. McNeil says it can’t be done. That just means he can’t do it. It can be done.”

Baillie has made only one promise during the campaign: to fix the economy and get people working again.

The PC plan, Change that Works, is fully costed and is a road map for giving hard working families a break and creating jobs. The Liberals have no plan to balance the budget, give families tax relief or reduce power rates.

“The only plan the Liberals have is a plan to spend your money,” Baillie said. “That’s a recipe for more of the last four years – more spending, more high taxes, more debt for our children, more families struggling and more Nova Scotians looking for work.”

The PC leader noted that the Liberals will just coast along and hope that someday things might get better. Stephen McNeil won’t lower taxes and defends his gold-plated MLA pension. Baillie said those are not the actions of a party that is ready to lead.

Baillie led Credit Union Atlantic, is a Chartered Accountant and former Chief of Staff to Premier John Hamm. He was recognized as one of Atlantic Canada’s Top 50 CEOs for five consecutive years.

Only the PC Party will help you keep more of your money through lower taxes and frozen power rates.

“With the PC plan people will start moving home again because there will be more jobs,” Baillie concluded. “Only the Progressive Conservative team has the vision and leadership to get Nova Scotia working again.”

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