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Local Health Care Issue

This fall (likely winter though), the new Collaborative Health Centre will open in Bridgewater.  This is great news for our community and something that is very much needed.  It is however, very much overdue.

I was very disappointed to see an ad taken out this week in the Lighthouse Log by Lunenburg West MLA Gary Ramey bragging about his involvement in seeing this project take place.  The reality is much different.  It was over three years ago that a number of community members approached Mr. Ramey and the NDP government about the need for such a facility in our area.  This fell on deaf ears and this group, along with local government Councillors forged ahead, on their own to have a Collaborative Health Care Centre built.  Proposals were sent out, locations scouted and hundreds of hours of work, volunteer work, put into making this a reality.

Then suddenly in early 2013, more than two years after this group was left to go it alone, the NDP decide to make an announcement.  Not only will a CEC be built in Bridgewater, the location has been decided and it’s all a done deal.  Was the group that had been working brought into the mix?  No.  Were they consulted or even asked to speak at this event?  No.

This is not how a government or a local MLA is to act.  I have no doubt that Mr. Ramey is a nice guy but for over four years, he has been silent and absent in our community.  As a Councillor for the Town of Bridgewater, we asked our MLA to meet with us over a dozen times.  He met with us twice.  This is unacceptable and frankly, inexcusable.  Waiting until an election is imminent to do the things that should have been done years earlier is honestly, quite disturbing.

MLA’s work FOR the people, not themselves. From day one you represent the interests of your constituents.  It’s a serious job and not one done as a favour for someone.  We have lacked representation in Lunenburg West since the 2009 election and that has to change. What I bring to the table is a solid track record of being there for my constituents.  I fought for their interests, worked hard to help them and as MLA I will continue that.  It’s not enough to simply talk about it.  We need action.  We need someone to roll up their sleeves and get the job done.

That person is me.

When the election comes, I am asking for your support.  I look forward to working for you!

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