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Back-to-school will cost Nova Scotians more

Aug 23 2013Prices of everyday items rise, leaving families with less

NORTH SYDNEY, NS – Economic and Rural Development and Tourism critic Eddie Orrell says the NDP has driven the price of everyday items for back-to-school higher, leaving Nova Scotia families with less money in their pockets.

According to Consumer Price Index numbers released today, the average Nova Scotia price-per-basket of clothing and footwear in July 2009 was $85. After four years of NDP economic mismanagement, that price has risen to $92.80. During the same time frame, the Canadian average price-per-basket decreased. The Nova Scotia price-per-basket is ten per cent more than the Canadian average and Orrell says families simply cannot afford it.

“Nova Scotia families are maxed out under the NDP government,” said Orrell. “We’re paying higher HST, higher taxes and higher power rates under the NDP. The cost of everything in Nova Scotia has skyrocketed. Taxpayers need a break from the NDP’s expensive taxing and spending sprees.”

Last week, the NDP issued a budget forecast that shows expected revenue from HST and motive fuel tax for 2013-14 is dropping. Orrell says it’s clear Nova Scotians are being forced to shop less and even drive less.

“The NDP are making it too expensive to shop or drive while at the same time, jobs continue to disappear in rural Nova Scotia,” said Orrell.

The Liberals are just like the NDP. Stephen McNeil will not commit to lowering taxes and giving families a break. Just like the NDP, the Liberals will continue to spend more than taxpayers can afford.

Orrell says a PC government will lower taxes like the HST, freeze power rates for five years, stop wasteful government spending and create more jobs in order to put money back in people’s pockets and kick-start the economy.

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