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Kraft/TSN Celebration Tour in Bridgewater

Sunday August 18, 2013 is a day that will not be forgotten for a very long time around here.  It’s the day the Kraft/TSN Celebration Tour touched down in our community.  As over 80 volunteers and 40 tour crew worked to unload trucks and set up tents, the excitement built for the live broadcast at 7 p.m.  For those perhaps not aware of what this was all about, I understand why you may have been a little shocked to see over 3,000 people at Shipyard’s Landing yesterday evening.

In the spring, the South Shore Seahawks minor football club made a submission to the Kraft/TSN celebration tour.  The goal was to use the $25,000 prize money not for themselves but for the community.  The money would be given to the Town of Bridgewater to improve the drainage at Kinsmen Field.  This multi-use field is closed for use after most rainfalls and, with sporting seasons so short in Nova Scotia, even a few cancelled games is a lot.  When the voting began, the entire community and beyond rallied together and won with over a quarter of a million votes!  This was the largest vote count in Eastern Canada and a clear demonstration of people pulling together.

Getting ready for the Kraft/TSN Celebration Tour

Getting ready for the Kraft/TSN Celebration Tour


So yesterday it all came together with a celebration for everyone in Bridgewater, Lunenburg County, Queens County, and beyond.  Words cannot express how proud I am to be part of this community or how proud I am OF this community.  I am also a very proud Seahawk parent!

Seahawk's receiver #25, Gabe Mitchell

Seahawks’ receiver #25, Gabe Mitchell

A big thank you must go out to all the people who voted, the volunteers who helped and the residents, and merchants who put signs of support and welcome in their windows.  There isn’t much we cannot do when we all work together.

The link below is to the TSN broadcast of Sportscentre from Bridgewater.


Bridgewater stop of the Kraft/TSN Celebration Tour

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