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Rural Job Loss needs to stop

Baillie: Rural Nova Scotia losing jobs
Aug 09 2013
6,500 full-time jobs lost in South West Nova Scotia

ARGYLE, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says job losses in rural Nova Scotia are devastating families and the economy.

Today, Statistics Canada released updated employment numbers, which show 2,400 fewer Nova Scotians have full-time jobs than four years ago. The South Shore has been hit the hardest with 6,500 full-time jobs lost since the NDP was elected.

Baillie says the numbers show what people already know and are feeling. Baillie spent the last two days in South West Nova Scotia, meeting hundreds of people, who are worried about their jobs and the economic health of the region.

“Everywhere I go people are struggling, especially in rural communities,” says Baillie, a chartered accountant and former president of Credit Union Atlantic. “We will lower taxes and provide relief from skyrocketing power rates to put money back in people’s pockets and kick start our struggling economy.”

The statistics also show that in the last month, 4,700 people left the labour force in Nova Scotia. Baillie says people are giving up on finding a job here. Neither the Liberals nor the NDP have a plan to create jobs or build a modern economy.

“We need real change in the way government is run, so that it works for the people,” says Baillie. “The Liberals are just like the NDP. They will keep taxes high and do not have a plan or the experience to run a modern economy.”

Baillie says the ripple effect of the NDP’s bad management can be seen all across the province, but especially in South West Nova Scotia. Families and businesses in South West have been devastated since the NDP cancelled the ferry service between Maine and Yarmouth in 2009.

Baillie says the government needs to reduce barriers to business and create a modern, dynamic, 21st century economy. A PC government will lower taxes, cut red tape, stop wasteful spending and kick start Nova Scotia’s struggling economy.


Statistics Canada references

Regional numbers: CANSIM, table 282-0054

Provincial numbers: CANSIM, table 282-0087

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