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Baillie government will give families five years of power rate relief

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 Tuesday, August 06, 2013

PCs release detailed power policy

HALIFAX, NS – Nova Scotians can no longer afford annual power rate hikes and as Premier, Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie will provide five years of power rate relief by freezing rates at their current level.

Today, Baillie released a policy paper, An energy policy that works: Rate relief for Nova Scotia families, which outlines his Party’s five-point detailed plan to stop power rate increases and get our economy working.

“It’s time that working families, seniors, others on low or fixed incomes and small business owners got a break from skyrocketing power prices,” says Baillie. “The NDP jacked up everyone’s power bill beyond what they can afford and it is costing jobs and hurting our

The former Credit Union president and chartered accountant announced today that a PC government will make sure there are no rate increases in all customer classes (residential, commercial, industrial) for a total of five years, beginning January 1, 2014.

The PCs five-point detailed plan to provide rate relief includes:

1. Buy renewable electricity within the current rates;
2. Scrap the fuel-adjustment mechanism;
3. Rein in Nova Scotia Power by removing its guaranteed profit;
4. Use more natural gas; and
5. Create a Maritime energy grid

Under Darrell Dexter’s NDP government, electricity rates have increased by almost 30 per cent, to the highest in Canada.

Baillie says families are left in the dark as Nova Scotia Power takes in record profits and that has to change.

“We are all frustrated when Nova Scotia Power gets a guaranteed profit, regardless of performance or the prices charged. We will change that,” says Baillie. “Both the NDP and Liberals also have power policies, but they won’t stop the increases. Rates will keep going up.”

To read the full plan please, click here

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