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July 1st marks 3rd anniversary of biggest broken promise

This Canada Day marks the 3rd anniversary of the NDP HST hike, which has taken nearly $1,500 from the pockets of every single Nova Scotian.
“This is the Dexter NDP’s biggest broken promise,” said Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie. “The HST hike is a glaring reminder that the NDP have failed to deliver on their promise to make life better for families.”

Premier Darrell Dexter sold his bill of goods about the NDP plan for taxes in the 2009 leader’s debate when he said, “We’re not going to raise taxes. In fact, the ironic thing about the charges of my opponents is that we’re actually the party that consistently over the last number of elections have said we want to make life more affordable for ordinary Nova Scotians.”

Baillie says little more could be further from the truth.

“The NDP raised Nova Scotia taxes to the highest level in Canada,” said Baillie. “Today’s economy is sagging under the weight of the NDP with their skyrocketing power rates, high taxes and growing debt.”

The HST tax grab is especially troubling given the NDP has also added over $1.6 billion to Nova Scotia’s debt since coming to power. When four years of NDP debt and three years of the highest taxes in Canada are combined, the NDP forming government has cost every Nova Scotian over $3,000.

“We cannot afford to pay for another high-tax, high-spend government,” said Baillie. “The NDP have already failed and the Liberals plan will make things worse. We need a government that knows how to manage a modern economy, starting with lowering taxes, freezing power rates and cutting wasteful spending.”

A PC government will balance the budget, cut the HST, freeze power rates and knock down the barriers to job creation in Nova Scotia.

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