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A new Party begins with new People

Great to see so many young people putting their names forward to help turn Nova Scotia around.  Why, you may ask is it such a big deal that Travis Price is seeking the PC nomination in his riding?  Because here is a great example of someone who, tired of seeing people standing on the sidelines, stepped forward to be the change he saw as needed when it came to bullying.  As someone who wants change to happen, his choice of the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia demonstrates that he believes it is the PC Party that will bring about that change.  It is the very same reason I chose the PC Party.  I believe that Jamie Baillie is the only leader able to bring about positive change and people like Travis and myself want to do what we can to make that change happen.  Below is the press release announcing Travis Price as seeking the nomination in HRM.


Travis Price, co-founder of the internationally recognized anti-bullying movement Pink Shirt Day, has announced that he will seek the Progressive Conservative nomination in Fairview-Clayton Park.

“I am looking forward to this next chapter,”says Price. “My anti-bullying work with children and families in this province has been a springboard for public service and I am ready to do my part to help get our province back on track.”

Beyond his work to combat bullying, Price says he sees families struggling with the high cost of living and the stress that brings into the home.

“Families need relief,” says Price. “Parents need to know their children are safe at school and that their hard earned dollars won’t be wasted.”

Price believes Jamie Baillie, a chartered accountant and former President of Credit Union Atlantic, has both the experience and leadership needed to kick start Nova Scotia’s struggling economy and advance the importance of anti-bullying. Baillie’s early efforts to battle bullying attracted Price’s attention and inspired him to seek office.

Price believes real change is long overdue and the NDP and Liberals aren’t ready to take bold action. He was disappointed when the NDP government refused to implement all the recommendations of its own cyberbullying task force last month. The Progressive Conservatives were the only party to put forth amendments to the Cyberbullying Act, many of which were rejected by Dexter’s NDP.

“This province needs true change in the way it deals with bullying and cyberbullying,” Price says.

Baillie welcomed Price’s announcement.

“Travis brings a wealth of knowledge in anti-bullying activism and awareness,” Baillie says. “He knows firsthand what’s required to take bullying seriously and help victims. His youth and experience will be invaluable resources at the decision making table as we continue our efforts to take bold action against bullying.”

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