Your PC Candidate In Lunenburg West

2012 Lunenburg West PC Christmas Supper

PC candidate voices health-care concerns

by Lisa Brown

Lunenburg West PC candidate David Mitchell addresses party faithful and supporters at the association’s Christmas dinner in Hebbs Cross November 30.

COUNTY — Lunenburg West PC candidate David Mitchell talked economy, electricity costs and pension plans to a partisan crowd at the association’s annual Christmas dinner November 30.

But it was what he shared about his personal experiences navigating the health-care system with his father that really resonated.

Mr. Mitchell’s father has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and lives at Drumlin Hills.

“What you may not know is that we waited over 12 weeks to have a home assessment done after he was told by his physician that he couldn’t remain in his home, or that we waited over 10 months to see a geriatrician because there currently isn’t one on the South Shore,” the candidate told the crowd gathered at the Hebbs Cross fire hall.

While his father is now on the list, Mr. Mitchell said there are 2,228 people ahead of him.

“That is a 50 per cent increase since the NDP took power and that is completely unacceptable,” Mr. Mitchell said.

He stressed that the people his family have encountered working in the system are “beyond incredible,” but there aren’t enough of them.

At the same time, there are 10 health district CEOs, 72 vice-presidents and over 400 managers, “all with six-figure salaries,” Mr. Mitchell said.

“Clearly there are enough of those,” he said.

“While 371 people wait in the hospital for long-term care, there’s no bailout to help decrease that number. Yet the government could come up with a quick $100 million for NewPage.

Since 2009, the NDP have not added one single long-term bed in Nova Scotia,” he added. “Yet they managed to find $300 million for Irving and give Imperial Oil a $1.4 million tax break in Halifax.“Our seniors have paid their dues. They’ve paid into a system for decades with the expectation that, when they need it, it will be there for them. They deserve better. We all deserve better.”

The candidate agreed with what many have been saying, that the province is likely heading into an election year.

“The orange wave that swept Nova Scotia in 2009 will not return,” Mr. Mitchell said.

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