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Electricity schemes we can’t afford are costing jobs, causing hardship

Nov 26 2012Freeze rates now, rip up failed electricity plan: Baillie

HALIFAX, NS – Hydro-Quebec’s annual report on the Comparison of Electricity Prices in Major North American Cities shows the cost of electricity for residential users in Halifax is the highest in Canada.

“Power rates should be frozen and the focus should be on making electricity affordable for families and businesses,” said Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie.

In May, Nova Scotia Power’s executive told the Chronicle Herald: “‘The best assessment’ of electricity prices in Canada is an annual study by Hydro-Quebec, which compares electricity prices in 21 major North American cities”.

The 2012 Hydro-Quebec report, released this fall, shows that on April 1, 2012, residents in Halifax were paying 15.01 cents per kilowatt hour, 0.5 cents per kilowatt hour more than the next highest city.

“The NDP and Nova Scotia Power are driving up the cost of electricity beyond what Nova Scotians can afford and it has to stop,” said Baillie. “Having the highest electricity costs, and the highest sales and income taxes in the country is a major disadvantage for our province.”

Pending approval from the UARB, Nova Scotians will get hit with another six per cent power rate increase over the next two years.

Baillie says Liberal and NDP electricity agendas will continue to drive rates higher. We are living with the NDP plan that has driven rates up 25 per cent. The Liberal electricity idea has been tried in other places, like New Brunswick, and failed.

The PC plan focuses on making power rates affordable:

– Removing the guarantee on Nova Scotia Power’s profit;
– Rewriting the NDP electricity plan to make it affordable; and
– Creating a regional energy market to lower power bills for consumers.

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