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FACT CHECK: Liberals had “orchestrated campaign” to split Shelburne

Nov 07 2012HALIFAX, NS – The NDP did not act alone in botching Nova Scotia’s electoral boundaries review process. Stephen McNeil’s Liberals also need to be honest about their role in the division of Shelburne County says Progressive Conservative House leader Chris d’Entremont.

“It’s becoming painfully obvious the Liberals orchestrated a campaign to split the community of Shelburne,” said d’Entremont. “Actions speak louder than words and all along we’ve seen Liberal Party operatives work to divide this community. The people of Shelburne deserve political leaders who will be honest and put their interests first.”

FACT: On August 14th,Lunenburg West Liberal candidate Mark Furey appeared before the Electoral Boundaries Commission at their Bridgewater public meeting.At the meeting, Furey recommended that the commission “consolidate ridings of Queens, Shelburne and Argyle in the effort to identify two ridings that meet the expectation of relative parity among effected electors.”

FACT: In his own appearance before the August 14th Bridgewater meeting,Liberal staffer andpotential candidate Sheldon Brannen also suggested dividing Shelburne. He told the commission “the communities of interest, the industries in those areas, the fishing communities of the western end of Shelburne would be very similar to those of Argyle, the Pubnicos, those of Yarmouth, even.

FACT: Brannenalso argued that the Eastern part of Shelburne shared more in common with Queens, where he plans to seek the Liberal nomination, than does Lunenburg. He told the commission “we often see shoppers from the Lockeport and Sable River area and even from Shelburne visiting Queens County. We have people in that area who have their family doctor in Queens County; we have  people who travel to Queens County for work; we have people who go to the grocery stores, people who do banking in Queens County and Liverpool and that area.”Seeing how he plans to seek a Liberal nomination in the area, Brannen should be clear about the motive behind his appearance before the commission.

FACT: On August 16th,Liberal LeaderStephen McNeil petitioned the Electoral Boundaries Commission to consider dividing communities like Shelburne instead of making changes to his own constituency of Annapolis. He later went on to claim he felt dividing the community was wrong, even though he proposed it in the first place.

The members of the PC Caucus will continue to fight for the people of Shelburne to have their say.

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