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PC energy plan gets more support

PC energy plan gets more support: Baillie
Oct 24 2012
Latest study points to savings of five per cent for consumers

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says the PC Party’s plan to move forward on creating a regional market to save electricity customers money is supported by more expert studies.

A study released by the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies says electricity customers would save money, as much as five per cent, if utilities throughout the region pooled their energy. Earlier reports prepared for the Atlantic Energy Gateway detailed $900 million in savings though energy cooperation among the Atlantic Provinces.

The Progressive Conservatives’ plan for electricity includes:

– Removing the guarantee on Nova Scotia Power’s profit

– Rewriting the NDP electricity plan to make it affordable

– Creating a regional energy market to lower power bills for consumers

“Creating a regional market for electricity is a key part of getting costs down for customers and making power more affordable,” said Baillie.

Baillie says the NDP’s electricity plan is behind today’s higher rates and the Liberals’ scheme proved to be a costly failure in other places it was tried.

In contrast, the PC plan will save money for ratepayers by eliminating Nova Scotia Power’s guaranteed profit, removing executive bonuses from power rates for good, stopping the company’s pension bailout, ripping up the NDP government’s expensive electricity plan, pursuing almost $1 billion in savings through regional cooperation and making sure projects like Muskrat Falls are the most affordable alternative.

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