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MLA pension Plan

MLA pension Plan | David Mitchell

Let’s talk pensions.  Specifically of course the Nova Scotia MLA pension plan.  The old plan (2011 and earlier) saw, for every $1 a MLA contributed you the taxpayer contribute $22.  Yes you read that right.  Just as shocking however is that both the Liberals and NDP really saw nothing wrong with this.  Bowing to public pressure the NDP introduced some changes.  Now however, instead of $22, it is $7 from the taxpayer for every $1 the MLA contributes and the Liberals and NDP again see nothing wrong with this and have stated the changes are acceptable.  On top of all this, a MLA need only be in office for THREE YEARS before they are eligible for their pension.

As soon as he was elected to the Legislature, Jamie Baillie wanted changes brought to the pension plan.  Specifically he wanted citizens to set the rate, not the MLAs themselves.

In May 2012, PC Leader Jamie Baillie announced that a PC Government would scrap the current MLA pension plan and instead see MLA’s receive a more reasonable $1 for $1 pension plan.  Knowing that the old method and even the current method are not sustainable nor are they responsible, a PC Government will change it.

Elected officials should work FOR the people, not the other way around.  The fruit of your labour should not be a pension for a MLA.  It is time that someone took a stand for the people on this issue and it is very clear that it’s only the PC Party that will do that.

Below is a link to a CBC story about this issue.

MLA Pension Plan (CBC 2010)

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